Payment Methods

Payment Methods

For your convenience and security, we offer a variety of payment options. Please choose the one that suits you best:

Direct Transactions:

Digital Currencies: Make payments directly on our site using BCH, BTC, LTC, ETH, TRX, or Doge. Choose your template, add it to your cart, then make payment directly at checkout. Your files will be available to download within 2-10 minutes.

Alternative Payment Methods:

For methods such as Wise, Revolut, Payoneer, and Skrill, connect with us on Telegram for direct purchase assistance, as we can’t integrate these providers into our WooCommerce store online.

Vouchers / Gift Cards:

Utilize Crypto Voucher or purchase e-gift cards as an alternative payment method.

Cryptocurrency Addresses:

Please use the following addresses for direct cryptocurrency transfers, choosing the best coins for lower fees:

  • TRX: TAG4gadpbjWfKsuitoC5NjZEnU64jCNPk6
  • XRP: rDxb5mEKGGwVdGSg7PVTJrMLyCJg8y43LH
  • BCH: LcWzRoC6TY2PYcxRzknNGdXjdqc5FhZGkc
  • BTC: bc1qpavshhtzfxcy53v5v2fj9fwpwakpq4dvfteucg
  • ETH: 0xD51456404D918c84E4a524586716b0EBE7f0b2CB
  • USDT TRC20: TAG4gadpbjWfKsuitoC5NjZEnU64jCNPk6
  • USDT ERC20: 0xD51456404D918c84E4a524586716b0EBE7f0b2CB
  • USDT BEP20: 0xD51456404D918c84E4a524586716b0EBE7f0b2CB
  • DOGE: DEoAFNb9ZdL3b83ikq6AnHCcnoTm2WnDTk

After Payment:

Please send the payment receipt to [email protected] or for INSTANT SUPPORT just write to us on Telegram.